Notice about a child / Zgłoszenie dotyczące dziecka

Report to child protection services / Zgłoszenie do Urzędu ds. Ochrony Dzieci

Reporting when there is reason to believe that a child is suffering from an unacceptable upbringing, harassment, violence or that their health and development is in serious danger.

Anyone who has reason to believe that a child is living with violence or is being neglected has a duty to report this to child protection services. According to Icelandic law individuals younger than 18 years of age are children. The law also includes unborn children who are for instance, if they are at risk because the mother is a drug abuser or is herself a victim of violence.

The person making the report to child protections services must give their name but may request anonymity so that only the person they reported to will know who made the report. When reporting you must give your name, email and phone number. This is done in case child protection needs to contact you for more information.

Notifier / Osoba zgłaszająca
Child or children concerned / Dziecko/dzieci, którego/ych dotyczy zgłoszenie

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